Everything is Gothic (unless it’s not, then it’s something else)

Welcome to the podcast gameshow that everyone is apathetic towards ‘Everything is Gothic (unless it’s not and then it’s something else)’

You can submit your own suggestion below and then below that you can see our rulings.


X Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Book) (Movie)

X Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy (Radio show) (Book) (TV) (Movie)

Interview With The Vampire (Book) (Movie)

? I, Robot (Book) (Movie)

X Kung Fu Panda

Pacific Rim

Guerillmo Del Toro on Gothic Tech in Pacific Rim

Penny Dreadful

Claims that Penny Dreadful reanimated the Gothic Genre. I would argue it was never static.


Subarna Mondel discusses Psycho as Corporeal Gothic

? Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (Graphic novel) (Movie)

While we were pretty quick to say not Gothic, the movie does depict the monstrous. There may be gothic elements so we are puttng this as maybe.

√ Sin City (Books) (Movie)

I mean it’s awful but it’s still gothic, Our Episode

X Star Trek

√ The Phantom of the Opera (Book) (Musical) (Movie)

Not only is this a recognised part of the Gothic canon but it interacts with physical abjection and the technology of monsters as explored in Skin Shows

X Top Gun

Are you serious Brent?

? Trainspotting (Book) (Movie)

This could be a suburban, criminal gothic narrative?

What We Do in the Shadows