Harry Potter and the Gothic Podcast

This accompanies our two part chat about the Harry Potter universe and how it interacts with the gothic.

Our guest for this episode was Kat who is a Hufflepuff, music teacher and Harry Potter fanfiction enthusiast.

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You can listen to part one, Dumbledore and the Continued Endangerment of Children

On Libsyn


You can listen to part two, Harry Potter and Alan Rickman’s Tiny Tootsies

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Is Harry Potter Gothic?

We’ve got castles and ghosts… a battle between good and evil… corrupt power structures…

Mazes and labyrinths… sinister and unpredictable architecture… the uncanny and hidden monsters…

Hybrids and the undead… magic and the sublime… the reluctant hero and the values under siege.

So yes… probably but there is room for interpretation.


Elizabeth Murray, Harry Potter and the Gothic Novel

Dr Sabrina Trowbridge, Why Harry Potter is Gothic and Twilight Isn’t

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